There are many testimonials in the blog section but  here are a few excerpts:

“I refer everyone to the Squirrel as an outstanding entry level aeromodel to build and fly.” – Randall Carlson

Lt. Col. Randall Carlson is from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) California Wing and retired from the U.S. Air Force. He is also involved with the American Modelers Academy (AMA). As a result of his input  Squirrel is now part of the AMA and Air Cadet programs in USA.

“As a engineer working in Cessna, I was smitten by Squirrel and I read the extremely good reviews and I got a clear picture of why Squirrel is the world’s most loved model plane. I decided to build Squirrel for the competition and I am very much proud to say that Squirrel was the superstar of the competition. There were 17 teams with more than 40 different airplanes and Squirrel was the numero uno at the competition. It won in 4 categories out of 5 categories.” – Arun Prasad, Cessna

“Thank you so much for the program.  The children all loved it so much so that one of the planes is now stuck on the roof of our building!” – Jean McCarthy, Children’s Librarian, Ottawa Public Library

Squirrel workshops were conducted at nine location of the Ottawa Public Library.

“I was impressed by the finesse and performance of his model”. — Francisco Souza, Faculdade de Engenharia Mecânica

Professor Francisco Souza (of Uberlândia – MG – Brasil) had the Squirrel as a final exam for first-year Aeronautical Engineering students.

About 30 students used a gym and the winner “Jefferson” made the flight record of 22 seconds with an all balsa Squirrel.

“I love this design, and because it is so quick to build, I used it in my 8th grade report on rubber powered model aircraft where I built one in front of the audience. Thanks for such a great design!” — Jordan Loreto, San Clemente, California

“Thank you! You do not know how happy I was when I made it fly. All the neighbors out to see the Squirrel.” — Eduardo Bitencort, Brazil

Eduardo made Squirrels from local materials including fruit tree branches. He eventually made one from balsa from another model airplane kit.

“We got some excellent feedback from our other pack leaders on your Squirrel Air Plane kits. He said you did a fantastic job of helping them build the planes. It looks like an exciting craft and flying experience!” — Brian Gunther, 1st Stittsville Wolf Cub Pack, Ottawa, ON

“Thank you Darcy for your unbridled, uncomplicated, straightforward, heartfelt enthusiasm! I love your wonderful energy to making this flight for the Leadership Ottawa cohort a unique one… thank you for reminding everyone that powered by imagination the sky is truly the limit…! ” — Bart Baaker, Leadership Ottawa

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  1. This is so great! I love the squirrel! In my stem class we are about to make these and it seems awesome. I just can’t wait!

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