How high can a Squirrel fly?

There are many factors that affect how high and how far a Squirrel model airplane will fly.

Here’s a flight that caught a slight updraft for example. You can learn a lot about air currents and weather with the Squirel. 🙂

Here’s a flight from Donald Qualls.

Here’s one I made with Craig Senior of Ottawa.

In an indoor environment you don’t want it to go very high. Here’s a flight from Gary in California in a gymnsium.

Even in an outdoor environment you need to be careful not to wind the elastic too much. For instance here is Craig Senior doing one of his first flights. Notice the trees in the background. The plane flew about a city block behind them and was never seen again.

Here’s Noora (9) trying one of her first Squirrel flights. She built it herself about 20 minutes earlier.