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World Record Attempt

Here’s an attempt from Bill Kuhl who’s been a Squirrel enthusiast for some time now:

I decided I would sacrifice my Squirrel model plane to the thermal gods today to try to set a record duration flight. I launched several times with normal flights and then I launched right into a thermal. The tiny Squirrel plane shot up like it was jet powered, within 15 seconds it was a tiny speck in the sky.

I tried to follow with my camera in video mode but it was hard to follow so far away. Then it turned back towards me and started circling over trees at the edge of the field. Now I thought I would at least know how long it had been up by the length of the video even if I could not see it.

Finally the plane started to come down, I thought it was over a small pond but it was in front of the tallest tree. I went to stop my camera but there was no beep, sure enough the battery had gone dead.

So I had a record length flight but no watch on it or good video, just my luck. I looked around in the wooded area on the edge of the pond. Was about to give up and I spotted the Squirrel really high up in the tallest tree.

Maybe the wind will blow it down but it might land in the water. I have more kits so I might just try for a record flight on another day.