How Squirrel Kits are Made

Here are some shots of the laser system cutting balsa wood.

It is a CNC Laser system. The laser uses CO2 gas and 25,000 Volts to make the laser beam. Definitely a place to keep your fingers away from.

There is another type of machine that helps make the boxes for shipping. There is a video of that below. It’s a great system for making any kind of small box. It uses a Dremel Moto-Tool to cut the cardboard.

How Shipping Boxes are Made

We reuse cardboard by cutting it to 22×16″ slabs and cutting it with this machine. This can make a box large enough for 10 Squirrels. For larger boxes, there is usually a standard size available so we reuse those. Any box that has an edge that’s 12.5″ (32cm) is good.