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Sparrow Packaging

I packaged some Sparrows in Squirrel packaging 3″ packaging. They came out really nice but it’s really hard put together. The shapes of the pieces are different and this makes it very tricky to get them into the packaging using the Squirrel technique . I mean hard. Like rocket science.

So I tried it with 4″ packaging. Works like a charm! It goes together very easily and looks even better. I’m very pleased.

photoz 022-600

Sparrow Report

Dinkar just made his first Sparrow:

Wow..!! Just great design..!! As simple as Squirrel. You just want to use a craft glue a couple of times and its ready to fly!! I am really impressed with this design.

I enjoy its making today and tried to fly it in front of school, but due to lack of space, I controlled myself for its long flight. I didn’t want to loss this cute sparrow.

Hey Darcy, I will fly it on coming Saturday (half-day for school) and will take video too.

Thanks for the Sparrow.



Hello Aviators!


Here are the latest happenings! I wasn’t going to send anything till the end of the month.  But I’m recruiting for people that want to come and try out the Sparrow (by Lloyd Shales)http://www.rubber-power.com/tag/sparrow

We will meet at a pub, make the planes, eat and have a drink while the glue is drying then hit the field. The field is adjoined to the pub. Feel free to bring your other creations! Contact me for details and prefered times! I’m planning on doing two of these events. I’m going to so some sort of recruitment outside the model plane community so if you want in, act now. 🙂

Feel free to bookmark the blog http://www.rubber-power.com/blog.htm to see the details of this event as it happens!


I am changing the format. Please send me ideas. I’ll make a blog post of the new proposed format after I receive a bit of input. But I have some cool ideas!