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Hello Aviators!


Here are the latest happenings! I wasn’t going to send anything till the end of the month.  But I’m recruiting for people that want to come and try out the Sparrow (by Lloyd Shales)http://www.rubber-power.com/tag/sparrow

We will meet at a pub, make the planes, eat and have a drink while the glue is drying then hit the field. The field is adjoined to the pub. Feel free to bring your other creations! Contact me for details and prefered times! I’m planning on doing two of these events. I’m going to so some sort of recruitment outside the model plane community so if you want in, act now. 🙂

Feel free to bookmark the blog http://www.rubber-power.com/blog.htm to see the details of this event as it happens!


I am changing the format. Please send me ideas. I’ll make a blog post of the new proposed format after I receive a bit of input. But I have some cool ideas!