What is Rubber-Power and Free-Flight?

Dave W and his rubber-powered model!

A plane that uses rubber-power uses an elastic band for propulsion. The elastic is wound (twisted) to store potential energy. Energy is released as it unwinds and turns the propeller. A rubber-power airplane is a type of wind-up toy. No batteries required!

The Wright Brothers were given rubber-power toys when they were children and this made them realize human flight was possible!

Free-Flight: A FF model plane flies without real time control by the operator.

A Rubber-Powered Free-Flight Airplane is the the simplest (and most fun) kind of model airplane. They tend to be low cost and simple to make.

Built carefully, some can stay aloft for forty minutes or longer.

Many can cover hundreds of feet.

It’s an awesome activity for developing appreciation for the technicalities of flight and other scientific and natural principles.

Children and teachers can discover and appreciate the usefulness of mathematical principles, scientific principles, problem solving methods and team dynamics through competition.