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Toronto Squirrel

Alon of Toronto sent me this Squirrel he made with his (nearly) 6 years old and my (nearly) 2 years old daughters.

Alon is involved with  ‘Pueblo Science‘ which helps children by delivering an engaging, fun experience with science, without the buzz and props that make such activities inaccessible for so many around the world.

Our initial (and still our main) focus lies in the Philippines, which similarly to Bangladesh, suffers from science education deficiency, mainly prominent in rural areas, far from large cities which enjoy most of the economical drive driven by governments.

Recently, we have begun to mirror our work to our local environment, Toronto Canada. Although the setting is vastly different, there are still many children in Toronto that lack the financial privilege to access enrichment activities such as summer camps and after school programs. We hope we can make a difference here, as we do in the Philippines.