Model Airplane Technical Specifications

Squirrel is simple!

Class: Rubber-Power, Free Flight, Wakefield, Sport
Purpose: Beginner and Education
Free instructions: Yes
Free instructional videos: Yes
Kit available: Yes
Kit type: Pre-cut balsa, no tools required!
Wingsan: 12″
Chord: 2 .5″
Length: 12″
Tailplane: 6″
Fin: 2″
Prop: 6″ (5-6″)
Rubber: 1/8th” thickness, 20″ loop of Tan II
Weight of airframe: 4.7-5.0g
Weight of prop: 3.5g (approx.)
Weight of rubber: 1.7g (approx.)
Gross weight: 8-10g
Designer: Darcy Whyte, 2004