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Squirrel inspires other model airplane designs


Subject: new Squirrel derivative…

Darcy, inspired both by your Squirrel and the Dandrieux butterfly (you must be familiar…see photo “copter”) I have come up with a ridiculously simple parlor mite that, after some refining, really does fly and is about as easy to build as the Squirrel, including the innovative glue-and-fold prop I came up with. I thought you might like to see this airplane but I also wanted to ask about selling a kit of it….I thought it would be polite to get your thoughts & make sure you were OK with me selling something like this, considering how closely it resembles the Squirrel. I took a lot of your ideas….

* leading edge only wing and stab

* vertical wing tips

* same basic configuration (tractor, rubber powered monoplane w/single fin) There are some differences….

* It’s tiny! 5″ span, weighs about 1/2 gram

* paper rudder

* unique paper prop that I’m real proud of 🙂

* more typical alu bearing and wire hook

* even ctr wing is leading edge only

* with 1/32 sq wood, not good for kids 🙂

So…anyways…let me know what you think. The Dandrieux butterfly copters will definitely be out there as kits too. In all cases the # of kits I make will be ultra-limited…just haven’t the time…basically will make as many as and when I feel like. They will sell for $3 each but you’ll get a couple gratis, again, for your ideas.


Ondrej “Andy” Mitas

art, music, airplanes

High Performance Squirrel Model Airplane

Andy sent me this note on his Squirrel made from condenser paper and other more high performance materials.

Darcy, at last I got around to building the Squirrel. I did some things differently so it took me a little longer; still amazing airplane for the time investment.

I was getting ready to draw a plan, when I realized that a single-letter size sheet wouldn’t be enough, as the wingspan is 12 inches. How inconvenient… you’re right… very little would be gained from having a plan. Glad to see the video on your site. I hope lots of the Small flying Arts guys watch it & build squirrels.

OK, here’s what I did differently – I wanted a Squirrel for the living room. I used the Ikara 6″ (“butterfly”) prop, hanger, and hook. I cut the top off the prop hanger so I could glue it at a steep angle for lots of sidethrust. I used 1/16 sq for all flying surfaces. 3/32 x 3/16, very hard, for the fuselage stick, tapered to 0 over the last 2 inches. I used vegi-bag plastic instead of tissue for covering, it’s lighter (cannot be cut w/scissors). No wing seat on the fuselage, instead the wing rides on 3″ x 1/16 sq piece, slightly off center against torque, taped to the motorstick so wing position can still be adjusted. Otherwise it’s just your Squirrel.

Weight is 2.5 grams.

Ondrej “Andy” Mitas
art, music, airplanes

Ondrej “Andy” Mitas comments

Ondrej “Andy” Mitas from United States:

Darcy, I just ran across your website, pointed there by a friend from Small Flying Arts. A year or two ago I tried to design a highly simplified beginners model, similar to a Peck ROG but more durable.. the plan is still on my website….but your Squirrel outdoes it by leaps and bounds. You have solved a number of the usual beginner problems with FF models by brash ingenuity, and the resulting model flies great and *actually looks good too,* a rarity for beginner models. Pretty incredible. I definitely salute your talent and insight. Please keep the free plan on the site, so my flying buddies and I can use it to seduce others into the hobby!
all the best
Ondrej “Andy” Mitas
art, music, airplanes