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Landing Gear

I decided to try some experiments bending up landing gear.

I want to get a sense of how music wire behaves. In a nutshell it’s pretty tricky. I find it hard to get all the bends on the same plane. Here’s a picture of some gear bent  by my experiment and another that I fixed up manually with pliers.

I wonder how to get the bends on the same plane easier.

I tried another experiment to put the landing gear wire into a gang and bend them with pliers. This worked surprisingly well. This is satisfactory for doing small runs. I think I am ready to have a meet-up to make planes with landing gear.


Dayton Test Build from Kit

I just did a Dayton kit build. It went together very fast.

What worked well:

  • The motor stick came out very rigid!
  • The paper is really easy to deal with. Printing or decorating will probably come forward for kids.
  • Wheels are pretty cool!
  • The wing has a quarter of an inch more chord! I may reduce the wingspan to 11.5 or 11″.
  • I realized that the upright wing tips overlap with the leading and trailing edge. This makes sure the four corners of the wing are glued. With Squirrels children often leave gaps. You can cap them with shards of balsa but it’s better to not have a gap.
  • The angle of incidence of the tailplane seems to be okay. More testing to come but the rise is 3/16′ over 3″.


  • I forgot the toothpick grove. I just used blocks to mount the toothpick for now. In retrospect, I realize the grove can be made by having a gap in one of the fuselage sides. After inserting the toothpick and capping it, it should be strong and will not require as much glue dry time for the toothpick.
  • It’s still a little tricky to assemble the wing. I used the wing tips as spacers to glue the leading and trailing edge. Then glued the wingtips later. I need to see a few people do this to convinced myself it’s easy enough.
  • The stabilizer notch in the motor stick could be tighter and deeper.
  • The laser cut shows where to mount the wing but the fuselage isn’t even for the tape.


I’m preparing two boxes. This one is going to a model club in India. It has some of the Lloyd Shales wheels and parts to build 4 Squirrels. Extra propeller as well.

This box is going to Dinkar in India. It has some Lloyd Shales wheels and a couple from my experiments. Also some lubricant for the rubber. I have to add a Sparrow and some business cards.  I’ll do that this week just before it is mailed.