Why a new model airplane design?

Making something is an enriching activity.

I think children press buttons and receive a lot of immediate gratification (games, TV remote, microwave). We are teaching our kids to consume and be entertained with less emphasis on creativity and making. Less emphasis on real utility and individual expression and more focus on brands.

To work against this I enjoy sharing hands-on activities with people.

Model planes have been popular historically. Children engaged and learned about flight, nature and science. The hobby has lost ground since models that fly well tend to be complex, prefabricated or expensive. There wasn’t a good entry point.

I decided to close the gap by creating a simple model that flies well. It would be inexpensive and made from common material without complex tools and techniques.

Others could make the model for themselves and I could use it in my workshops and activities to promote creativity, problem solving and the joy of making.

I took the traditional model plane back to the drawing board. It was a labor of love and the Squirrel model plane came forward. Here’s a snapshot of my life when I made the Squirrel.