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Squirrel at the Ottawa Makerfaire

Montreal Makerfaire Application Rejected for Squirrel model airplane


Looks like the Montreal Makerfaire isn’t on for Squirrel and the new design projects.

Very disappointed to not be able to present at a Makerfaire in a city that is right next door.

Hi Darcy!

Thanks for asking to join the first Montreal Mini Maker Faire.
We are Mini Mini! and will not be able to house a market so we
are focusing on exchanging ideas and not dollars.
We plan to be big enough next year to house all sorts of Makers,
including your brilliant invention!
I look forward to seeing you here then!


Montreal Mini Maker Faire
is made possible thanks to

New York World Maker Faire 2011

I’m going down to New York to attend the Open Source Hardware Conference, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Moma, World Maker Faire and a few other things.

At the World Maker Faire, I have a non-commercial booth so I can demonstrate the Squirrel. I will bring some of the raw materials a few small tools and show how the kits are made. I’ll bring a pile of kits so people can see those too. I’ll also show some of the techniques of making the Squirrel kits and flying.

I’ll probably make about 10 of them over the weekend and I hope there is some blue sky to fly them into. If all goes well they get lost in trees and stuff. 🙂

Perhaps I can inspire someone to make a Squirrel or make a new design.