Direct your own workshops: You can conduct your own workshops by studying the MAKE IT pages. You can also download the printable Handbook which has large diagrams and explanations. This is especially useful for those who don’t have internet access during their building session. After purchasing this manual, you will receive a link to download it and can print it right away.

A Squirrel-O-Rama is a meetup to make Squirrel model airplanes. It’s the ultimate social since we expose random people to model aviation and it’s so unusual for people to make model planes in a public venue.

To discover these events, join the newsletter or  send a note to

If you happen to live near Darcy or are on or near a travel route you can request one of these meet-ups anytime simply by sending him an email (

No experience necessary. Just show up and we can get busy making planes.

Many of them have been held in pubs since it’s a great social environment. Do you know of a pub with a large field or parking lot outside?

Workshops can also be booked for children and adults. Darcy has done hundreds of workshops in community centers, schools, churches, cub packs, beavers and scouts in many cities.

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