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I was organizing the lab and came across this odd looking bag of goodies. At face value I thought it was scrap balsa but upon closer examination it is some pre-cut Canarie model airplanes I made before my Squirrel days. What a cool find. The Canarie is designed by Don Ross. He has given me permission to kit this by the way.

There are about five or six of them in the bag! Anybody want to make them together?

Here are a few pictures of Canaries from this same batch!


Picnic and other fun

Sheet balsa designs and picnic ideas

Sheet construction. Fresh off my coffee table construction. Note the groves full of sawdust. :)

By the end of summer 2004, I realized that the answer to sharing model airplanes was simplicity. Well I knew it before but I then new more than ever that the average person doesn’t have the childhood experiences of the average modeler so the more we could simplify the better.

A few Shots from Summer 2004

The stick and tissue designs had proven to be good flyers but the complexity was so high. Each person needed a lot of mentor-ship and support. The chance of them abandoning a project and picking up the TV remote control or a computer game was very high.

I tried some of Don Rosses sheet designs. They were superior as beginner models because they flew well and had a minimal number of parts.