Education Program for American Modelers Academy (AMA) & Civil Air Patrol (CAP) US Air Force Auxilary

Lt. Col. Randall Carlson is from the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) California Wing and retired from the U.S. Air Force.

I am warmed by feedback on the Squirrel since model aviation has always been very dear to my heart.

“I refer everyone to the Squirrel as an outstanding entry level aeromodel to build and fly.” — Randall Carlson

Randall Carlson (right) is an aviation expert (retired USAF) and adviser to the MARC education program (Model Aircraft and Remote Control Flying). This is a joint effort between CAP (Civil Air Patrol,  United States Air Force Auxiliary) Cadet Program) and AMA (American Modelers Academy).

The Squirrel is now part of the AMA and Air Cadet programs in USA.

I look forward to supporting youth and mentors making Squirrels and other simple planes!

Other credits in the program:

  • Bill Hannan (master modeler)
  • Neil Dennis (AKA wombat)
  • Chip Fyn (Fiddlers Green)
  • Frank  Fanelli, Editor Flying Models (for use of Flying Aces plans)
  • John J. Ernst (modeler)
  • Carol Shepard, CFO, Model Airplane News plans
  • Paul Bradley (No-Cal plans)
  • Moshe Lemer, ML Card Models (Israel)
  • Howard Metcalf (modeler – UK)
  • Darcy Whyte
  • David Scigs (modeler) from Temecula CA
  • Bill Kuhl (The Science Guy)
  • Bill Carney (modeler)
  • Dan at Delta-7
  • Derek Buckmaster (modeler) DB Design Bureau plans, Australia
  • Florida CAP Group 4 for their CD on Model Aircraft
  • Willygoat @ Fiddlers Green
  • free plans (Argentina)
  • 1Lt Paul Ticas of the Hemet-Ryan Composite Squadron in California for his work in IT
  • integration and support
  • Dr. Jeff Montgomery at N HQ CAP/AE
  • Bill Pritchett of AMA/Education
  • Download letter.