Peace Plane

A paper airplane shaped like a circle.

Paper planes are easy-to-make and you don’t need any special materials.

Here’s a really cool paper plane of mine (right). You can download a template to make the Peace Plane.

Below are are videos on making and flying the Peace Plane.

If you don’t have the template make the three folds like this:
-One Inch (from edge)
-One cm  (from edge)
-Bisect the remaining distance

I always bring a few sheets of paper in my brief case and some colored markers.

Kids can decorate them with markers, stamps, hole punches and such.

Paper is pretty easy to deal with as it can be torn and cut with scissors. I suppose you could also add glue and tape to the mix but then it’s considered a model plane. 🙂

On the downside, they can’t fly as far as a model plane. Also they are not as stable a platform to learn about trimming and aerodynamics because they are so flexible and structurally unstable.

But you can deploy paper planes in a wider variety of social situations. Pubs, night clubs, dance halls, cafeterias, restaurants, I’ve done it all.

This things will rescue any social situation that has gone sour.

To learn to launch it you can study this video:



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