Ottawa Meetup for Wednesdays

Lets have a regular meetup for making simple model planes for fun. Everyone welcome.

  • General public: We can help them make a simple plane such as  Squirrel, Dayton or Sparrow. If you have your own design you can try that.
  • Model Plane Enthusiasts: They can come and make their own designs or experiment with other designs. I will bring a few supplies.
  • Aviation Enthusiasts: They can come to extend their knowledge of aeronautics and make a cool model plane.
  • Observers and Social Types: They can come to see what’s up, meet new people and have interesting conversation.


When/Where (Alert, the schedule is now flexible) Please see events.

Second and fourth Wednesday of the month (starting January 8th, 2013).
Atomic Rooster Pub, 303 Banks Street (Beer burger special too!).


Be sure to send a note to me at for the reservations. I’ll also know what supplies to bring.

Drop-ins are cool but if we changed location last minute or something it would be nice to have everybody in the know. I’ll try and post changes and anomalies in the comments below.

Also feel free to send me a note if you can’t make this one. We can have an extra one on a different date/location for those who can’t make it.



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