Lots happening [Squirrel News]

Hello Friends!

There is lots to report as I’ve not sent an update in some time!
1) Lasers! Squirrels are now cut using CNC laser which is a form of robotics using a C02 laser cutter. This means there is complete flexibility in manufacturing. Design changes and new designs are now much easier than ever. Further, another CNC laser is on order. It will arrive at Montreal Harbor early in the new year and will add redundancy and capacity as it has a large cutting area.
2) Squirrel Airfoil. For you aeronautical types, there is a Squirrel with a thick airfoil here (http://www.rubber-power.com/squirrel-airfoil.htm). As it turns out the current record for duration is held by one with a flat wing (with the paper on the bottom) like in the kits (http://www.rubber-power.com/squirrel-world-record.htm). Go figure. 🙂 Actually if you want to do some figuring, it’s to do with the viscosity of air. 🙂
3) There is a print version of the instructions. It’s in the form of a handbook. This may replace having me come into classrooms!
It’s about 20 pages long so it will make life easier for teachers and people who don’t have internet in their class or don’t want to memorize the steps of making a Squirrel.
I will roll out new policies for volunteer work as well. It will include photo release (so I can share what I’m doing) and a few other changes.
4) CNC foam cutter. I am building a hot wire cutter that will be computer controlled. It will open some new doors up for experimenting and making. This will be great for walkalong gliders (http://www.endlesslift.com/2011/08/check-out-slater-harrisons-walkalong-project/).
5) Robots! As many of you may know I’ve moved into art in a big way. It’s still incubating but I’m experimenting with stuff like this robot that draws (http://mambohead.com/category/drawbot/). And this Glut Rooster (http://mambohead.com/category/old-projects/glut-rooster/). Lots more coming down the pipe including a robot that can paint and lots of other fun stuff.

Darcy Whyte

Inventor, Artist