Flying session at senior center (Ottawa)

I spent my afternoon at a senior center today. My helper was Alice (pictured). After the flying session we had a brew at the pub across the street (wohoo). At our pub meet we made a couple of paper planes and got the whole place going crazy throwing them around.

It was a great day at the senior center. Breezy but the senior center has a courtyard that is sheltered as you can see by the sky picture I took.

This was the second flying session at this location. I must say that the seniors (not pictured for legal reasons) started to respond very strongly towards the activity.

I am happy to report that many of them launched the planes which rose to 3-4 stories height and they were laughing, clapping and getting excited. A couple of them started to learn to wind the planes.

This is very valuable since the physical, intellectual and social activity surrounding simple model planes is just right for seniors.