Beaconsfield Heights Cubs

I just did a hop out to Montreal to visit Beaconsfield Heights Cubs in Montreal.

The last time I visited this group there were only eight! The workshop on Friday night had 33 people in it!

I was amazed by how many volunteers and parents came out to help. It was fun for the kids and the adults.

The kids were very keen and with all the help from adults it went very smoothly.

I think this group could handle anything.

If anybody is having any trouble with their plane, don’t hesitate to send me a note. If you send me a picture or video that will help me to figure out if you need any adjustments, parts or repairs.

Here is some instructions on how to fly it. Here are some videos on how to repair it.

Here is the Squirrel record. It’s a over a minute. Feel free to send in any videos of attempts on the record. I’d like to start a page showing the top 10 flights.