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Shipment to India

Some sample model planes just arrived safely in India. I enjoy sending models to far away places. You learn a lot about different areas of the world. I sent some lubricant so my new friend Dinkar (who is a school teacher) can try for some higher duration flights.

This is the second attempt. They always seem to explode. I think it’s the low pressure during the flight across the ocean.

I think for now the best bet is to keep the soaked plastic and transfer it to the rubber bands. You only need a couple of drops per elastic. This must be done after the elastics are tied of course you’ll never make a knot with this stuff on the elastic. In fact, I never lubricate the knot in case it penetrates the knot.

photoz 007

Denny Dart

The Denny Dart is designed by Neil Dennis (aka Wombat). It’s a stick and tissue design that has landing gear for ROG (Rise Off Ground).

I’ve been donating Squirrels and he followed suit and sent some to Dinkar in India who has been sharing model planes with his students as well as his friends. So Neil followed suit and sent some of his Darts.

If you want one of these let me know as I am now carrying them.

photoz 002-600

School teacher ready for school to start!

My new friend Dinkar (school teacher in India) now has enough Squirrels for the rest of the holiday and school year. He also has this cool RC plane that was donated by Bill Kuhl.


Received another box containing 20 Squirrels.

Now I have 50 Squirrels..!!

Now am richest (squirrel) man in India. Wow..!!

Hey Darcy, you”ll see in last picture I prepared 2 boxes for 40
squirrels, box A contains-rubber motors & propellers and box B
contains balsa strips, tissue papers, tooth picks & small rubber bands.

I will use these Squirrels in next Teachers gathering at my own
school. It will be in October or November.