Step 4: Winglets

Each of the two Winglets needs a 2″ (5cm) balsa strip and small balsa shard (1/2″ or less, 1cm or less). Using craft glue glue a shard to one end of the 2″ strip as a thickener. Then glue the 2″ piece to the Wing Tip with the thick end down.

It is roughly centered from front to back and is flush with the outside of the wing. The thickener is facing inward.

Winglet installation. It’s important to use the right amount of glue and to place them vertical.
Comment: We will now stop working on the wing and move on to other parts because the Winglets need to dry for a few of minutes before completing the Wing.

Step 5: Fin

Use craft glue for this entire step.
Glue the tissue strip to the end of the motor stick which is the thickest piece of wood (12″, 30cm long).

Then glue a 2″ (5cm) stick to the motor stick. Make sure it is flush with the bottom of the Motor Stick.

Snip paper off and make sure the glue joint is firm and the tissue is glued to the 2″ stick.

Step 6: Motor Peg

Using scissors, snip a toothpick in half. Be sure to hold the toothpick from both ends so that the ends can’t fly off when it is cut.
Use craft glue for this entire step.

Glue the thicker half of the toothpick to the leading edge of the Fin and the Motor Stick so that it sticks out beneath the Fin by about 1/4″ (1/2cm). It should stick out far enough to serve as a hook for the elastic motor.

Glue a small brace in front of the toothpick to secure it.

Step 7: Wing Seat

Craft glue a 6″ (15cm) piece of balsa to the motor stick.
Apply the glue to the edge of the balsa strip.

Glue it to the side of the motor stick so that it is about a pinky width from the front. It should be top aligned so that it forms a platform for the wing to sit on.

The top is the same direction as the Fin sticks out.

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