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Sparrows in Montreal

I hopped out to Montreal to make some Sparrow model planes with some Cub Scouts in the Kirkland area. The original plan was to make and fly Squirrels but it was breezy so I decided to make Sparrows.

I must say they are easy to make.

I didn’t get any good video but I managed to land one on that roof across from the field (see pictures). I included a video of the Sparrow from another flying session so you can get the idea how much fun this is.


More pictures from Indonesia

I know I’ve posted a couple of these before but this collection has some details on the construction. I like the DIY propeller construction. I really should look at that for Squirrels or other models.

I also noticed the close-ups didn’t have a wing shim. So either they added it, the sticks were curved or there is some negative pitch on the tailplane.