Monthly Archives: October 2006


School Project for Aviation and Science

The following quote is from the Science Toy Maker Web site:

“Note: I am not a very humble person, but I have come across a really great beginners airplane design by Mr. Darcy Whyte that is better than what I have been making. It’s called the Squirrel. I will still write out step-by-step instructions here eventually because his two pages of instructions might be a little hard for beginners to follow. He uses them mostly during the classes he teaches (if you are lucky enough to live near Toronto you can sign up for them).”

“For now, go to Darcy’s web site and download the PDF instructions here for the squirrel. Note that he has an instructional video there, too. You might be able to stream it with a fast connection, or right-click and ‘save target as.’ ”

–Slater Harrison, Pennsylvania