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Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2006 2:02 AM
Subject: [ffml] OOS Squirrel
Hi List,

Our son visited us in Wiesbaden last spring. I had no models ready for fun so we went on the Internet, downloaded the SQUIRREL (Darcy White design), and with a slight modification, built and took it up to the brow of the hill, a big walkers and pet exercise area. There is a Roman watch tower there so we think it is the highest point in Wiesbaden.

We cranked in a few turns and while we were trimming and testing with short flights, we noticed a gentleman reading the newspaper. He was watching over his glasses. We sent up a few mid-power flights and decided too crank in some turns. We got it up to 80-90 percent and gave it a toss.

It was a sunny, cool day with the slightest breeze from the SSE. The model spiraled almost straight up and then began a more gentle circle to the left as the power came off. After a few circles we realized it was in rising air and we watched it get smaller and smaller as it tracked North. Just before it specked out as it flew over the city, the gentleman reading the paper put it down and asked in perfect English, ‘is your name on the airplane?’ I said,’ yes- also my address and telephone number.’ He said something like this. If that comes down in town and causes a car accident, they’ll know who to call for the suit! We laughed but later I wondered if he was kidding or was voicing a real concern. Regardless, the telephone never rang about the model and Hung is the only one who knows where it is.

The modification I made to the power system was to slant the toothpick that holds the rubber for the rear hook. I re-read the instructions later and found the reason the toothpick is pointed straight down is so when turns are depleted the rubber slips off which changes the CG and brings the model back down- a built in DT! Bill Kuhl has Squirrel video on his website.


250 Squirrels per year in Jersey Shore

I teach in the Jersey Shore Area School District, a technology teacher at the middle school. Jersey Shore is landlocked in central Pennsylvania, a hundred miles away from New Jersey and even farther from the Jersey Shore, but otherwise well named.

Over 250 6th grade students make the plane each year.

Slater Harrison (Jan 2006)

Quote from Scott Hill

We are having major success with the Squirrel. Each 9 weeks I get a new group. I have just started my third group, but only my second group to build the squirrel. It is also an integral component of my Young Astronauts program. Our best time for the kids is 40 seconds. I only have those Midwest Delta Dart props at this time and plan on using the gray props next year. We really enjoy this plane. I have allowed kids to built several each during the nine weeks. Students shoot for the record each Friday with two launches each. Great fun!!!

Scott Hill, January 2006